How to Use Essential Oils to Soothe Back Pain Relief

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November 8, 2020
November 8, 2020

How to Use Essential Oils to Soothe Back Pain Relief

How are essential oils used?

Essential oils are liquid substances obtained from plants. Their beneficial and healing effects on body, mind, and soul have been known for centuries.

Essential oils are very rich in their respective ingredients so that even the smallest amounts per application are sufficient. They always have to be diluted; otherwise, skin irritation can occur. When washing with water when skincare with fatty vegetable oil, the dilution takes place when scenting the room with the room air.

Essential oils are so named because their molecules are so small and light that they rise into the air, sometimes at room temperature. That is why they have a high odor. Essential oils are best stored in a cool and light-protected place in the room. The lid always has to be put back on the bottle.

It is important to know that essential oils have different shelf lives. Citrus oils spoil after just twelve months. Needle oils last about two years. All herbal fragrances last two to three years; Resin, wood, and blossom oils even for five years or more.

Beneficial substances

Anyone who works with essential oils as skincare can experience that this positively affects the body. A lot of material is not required for this. With aroma care, it is more important to recognize the person’s needs and respond to them in a targeted manner. A creative approach is also essential. 

Various essential oils such as arnica, eucalyptus, fennel, and ginger are used in pain relief therapy. They can be used in both lay and professional care. To avoid mistakes in handling, profound basic knowledge is essential.

The warmth from plant extracts and essential oils

Other manufacturers use anti-inflammatory, hyperaemidizing (blood circulation-promoting) and thus warming properties of plant extracts or essential oils. 

In addition to essential oils from eucalyptus, spruce needles, lavender, methyl nicotinate, and the comfrey root extract known for Kytta form the active components. The contained allantoin promotes penetration into the skin’s deeper layers, methyl nicotinate, and the contained oils stimulate blood circulation. The comfrey root is also said to have anti-irritant, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The essential oils contained have a local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. They thus modulate the pain process and are also contained in various compositions in Tiger Balm Red N, horse ointments, and some other over-the-counter preparations. The use of essential oils is highly practiced by mothers who have their fair share of lower back pain. 

The benefits of essential oils

  • Fragrance essences have a positive effect on the vegetative nervous system and can contribute to concentration or relaxation. 
  • In naturopathy, fragrance essences are used as remedies. 
  • It’s not just about soothing smells and the inhalation of essential oils such as eucalyptus for colds. 
  • Inhaling medicinal fragrances to alleviate illnesses was the original form of therapy in naturopathy. 
  • Over time, the therapeutic application of aromatherapy has been more and more refined.
  • Today it is known that the ingredients are also effective through the skin or when taken orally. For example, in vascular surgery or gynecology, fragrant active ingredients are used for healing purposes and massaging as being practiced in North Sydney.
  • Essential oils stimulate and support the immune system, help fight colds, muscle aches, and skin problems. Besides, they have a harmonizing and calming effect, i.e., they can help with difficulty falling asleep or anxiety.
  • Essential oils contain countless active ingredients that can also help against bacteria, fungi, and even viruses.
  • Essential oils can act as antibiotics. Unlike treatment with antibiotics, there is no resistance to germs, as even the same oils are always slightly different in their composition.
  • The major advantage of using essential oils is that the oils can get in and out of the body with great efficiency without leaving any toxins behind.
  •  Today there are more than 300 different essential oils used by professionals worldwide. 
  • Essential oils have a direct effect and can be used for physical healing. 

Limits and Dangers

It is important for all therapeutic applications that specialists’ advice, e.g., your pharmacist, is obtained. Essential oils are, on the one hand, highly concentrated active ingredients that affect the physique and psyche. Depending on the state of health and mentality, they can have a greater or lesser effect on the physique and psyche and, in the worst case, impair them. This can be if either the “wrong” essential oil has been selected or if there is an application error.

Also, allergy sufferers should only use fragrances for therapeutic purposes, better avoid daily continuous aromatherapy.

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