Adolescent Massage

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November 8, 2020

Adolescent Massage

Adolescence is a phase of life that puts everyone through challenges: patients and families, retirees, the young people themselves, university students and even those responsible for their health. Most often, vital health conditions of adolescence are not pursued for a variety of reasons. This can result in long term consequences. It is advised that parents and carers become more familiar with some of the simple ways, actions and knowledge to help their adolescents. 

Massage is important for adolescents too!

Most of us tend to think of massage as something that “feels good”. Most people perceive it as luxury. Although this is true, massage therapy has been more accurately recognised as an alternative health technique. 

It is important to note that massage therapists don’t just help people “feel good” they also help them recover from injuries, loosen tight muscles, promote relaxation and ensure the prevention of further problems. 

Massage is essential to our physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. Every one of us can benefit from it. Even children of all ages can benefit from regular massage because they too can also suffer from back pain and stress that you may feel after a hectic day at work, at the gym or after an exercise. 

A recent study showed that when some depressed adolescents were given an intense course of massage, they were relieved of depression and anxiety. In addition, they could have a sweet night rest. 

Benefits of Adolescent Massage 

1. Stress

Parents with teachers have an idea of the many stressors of junior and senior high school. Not having money sometimes, tests, exams, dating, social pressures, decisions about their future and disappointments are all common contributors to high levels of stress.

Adolescent massage therapy helps to stimulate the relaxation response in the body. It helps to regulate the hormones and release positive endorphins into the blood stream which in turn produce positive moods and lower stress levels. Lower stress levels can also help to enhance overall immune function and promote good health. 

2. Poor Posture

Sitting for hours a day can lead to poor posture and back or neck pain. This happens to adolescents as they sit for a very long time in school. A focused adolescent massage therapy can help alleviate the built-up tension. This enables the muscles to handle the strain better and reduce pain and postural issues. 

3. Sports Injuries 

Regular daily physical activities are a great way to reduce stress levels. Participating in sports serves as an outlet for stress and excess energy after sitting in a classroom for hours. Unfortunately, taking part in sports comes with its own challenges and concerns. injuries, strains, sprains, and other sports related injuries can result from participating in sports. Many of these injuries can be helped or prevented with adolescent massage therapy. 

Adolescent massage therapy has proven to be helpful to developing youth. Massage therapy can help to coordinate and increase efficiency in muscle activity. This enables the body to move the way it is designed to. All these responses can help to enhance athletic performance and reduce risk of injury. 

Other adolescent massage benefits include:

  • It decreases ADHD symptoms 
  • It increases Dopamine and Serotonin 
  • It improves circulation 
  • It enhances sleep etc.

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