5 Negative Health Implications of Alcohol

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November 8, 2020
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November 8, 2020

5 Negative Health Implications of Alcohol

Over the years, alcohol consumption has played a lot of roles in virtually every aspect of our lives, especially in our social life. According to Our World Data, a total of 2.8 million people die prematurely as a result of alcohol-related causes. But despite this negative impact, research still shows that an average 16-year-old in Sydney consumed at least 6.4 litres of alcohol in 2016. In countries like Australia and France, 95% of the adult population is said to be avid alcohol drinkers.

Today, there has been a strong connection between alcoholism and sex, which is why most cases of rape are always attributed to alcohol. But mind you, the fact that there are many negativities associated with alcohol, does not mean that alcohol is poison; thus, it still has its advantages. Nevertheless, this article is compiled to make aware of the negative impact of alcohol in our world today. But note that the one we listed below doesn’t mean that it is all that is, instead, they are the more prevalent.

Negative Health Implications of Alcohol includes:

1. Endocrine glands and Digestive

The pancreas produces this. When enzymes build-up, it can lead to a certain inflammation known as pancreatitis. From research, pancreatitis is said to be a permanent condition, and can also cause severe complications.

2. Inflammatory Damage

The job of the liver is to remove harmful particles and break down food substances that finds its way into the body, that that includes alcohol. Continuous consumption of alcohol disrupts this process, thereby increasing the chances of the individual suffering from severe liver inflammation, the cause of this inflammation is called cirrhosis.

3. Increased Sugar Level

The duty of the pancreas is to monitor the body’s insulin level and its response to glucose.  So, when your liver and pancreas are not working, you risk having low blood sugar, or worse still, hypoglycemia. Again, when the pancreas is not responding, the body is likely to stop producing the needed insulin for the body. When this happens, it might lead to either hyperglycemia or excess sugar in the body. So when your body cannot balance the current sugar level, the individual may experience even worse complications similar to diabetes.

4. Dependencies

Heavy consumers may develop emotional and physical deficiencies and are often diagnosed with withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes, trying to quit drinking can be quite challenging, in many cases, life-threatening. In most cases, those who have felled victims of alcoholism seek a professional medical solution; thus, detoxification ate often recommended. 

5. Digestive System

Though the connection between digestion and alcoholism is not entirely clear, unfortunately, the side effect usually comes after they have manifested. As in, the deed has been done. The point is, excess alcohol can damage the body tissues, especially the ones in the digestive tract, thereby preventing the intestine from absorbing nutrients. This situation might cause course malnutrition in the long run.

Finally, alcohol consumption can also lead to anxiety, Nervousness, nausea, tremors, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and heavy sweating. Like we mentioned earlier,  alcohol is not poison, but an excess of it can cause both internal and external injury to the consumer. Moderation is advised.

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