Pregnancy: 5 foods you must stay away from as a Pregnant Women

November 8, 2020
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November 8, 2020

Pregnancy: 5 foods you must stay away from as a Pregnant Women

One of the most important things to learn about being pregnant is knowing what to eat. This is so because the unborn baby’s health and the mother defend so much on what the mother consumes. Don’t misunderstand this; it is not like your choice of food will be out of the world, but the thing is, your taste will change.

As a pregnant woman, some food items’ consumption must be reduced, while others should be stopped completely. Don’t get scared already; it is not rocket science, all you need is to eat the right food and always choose clean, healthy water, and you will be just fine. So, with this in mind, we have listed some couple of things (including foods) you need to stay away from as a pregnant woman; below, it is listed thus:

Five things to Avoid as a Pregnant Woman

1. High Mercury Fish

Mercury is a toxic element, and it is often seen in polluted waters. The higher the presence of mercury in the body, the more vulnerable the immune system, kidney, and nervous system become. It may even cause some growth deficiency in the child, even with the least amount of it. Since a large amount of mercury is found in polluted seas and oceans, marine life is also affected, thus, accumulating a reasonable amount of mercury. Some mercury infested fishes you might want to avoid include shark, swordfish, king mackerel, tuna, marlin, e.t.c. 

2. Undercooked Fish

This also applies to raw fishes. Today, we see countries like China, Japan, Thailand, and some other Asian countries consume uncooked foods (fishes inclusive). This might be a tough one for sushi lovers, but for the sake of the unborn child, you just have to stay away from these things at the moment. This is because there is a high possibility of bacteria or parasites like Vibrio, norovirus, Listeria, and  Salmonella contaminating it. 

3. Raw eggs

There are possibilities of these raw eggs being contaminated with a bacteria known as salmonella. Some of the symptoms of salmonella include cramps, vomiting, nausea, fever, and diarrhea. Some foods that contain raw eggs include poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, homemade mayonnaise, homemade ice cream, e.t.c. You have to be on the lookout for those industrial foods that also contain pasteurized eggs.

4. Organ meat

In as such as vitamin A is good for you as an adult, eating it as a pregnant woman is not recommended. Eating this type of meal during your trimester can lead to miscarriage. But we are not saying you should completely stay away from vitamin A, but make it a task to avoid organ meat.

5. Caffeine

Though caffeine can be useful for your brain, it is not recommended for a pregnant woman. As it is, pregnant women are advised to reduce their caffeine intake to  200 milligrams (mg) per day. This is because babies don’t have the enzyme required to metabolize caffeine.

Finally, the need to be careful about what you eat during your pregnancy days is important. Pay attention to your body details, know what your body needs and when it needs it, avoid sustaining physical injury on yourself, once awhile go through a craniosacral therapy session, and you are sure to have the safest delivery.

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