5 Types of Massage you need to get Before the year Ends

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5 Types of Massage you need to get Before the year Ends

So you woke up in the morning and realized that some parts of your body are eking,  knowing fully well that you need some massage. Still, the fact that the affected areas are different automatically becomes confused about the right massage method to use. To some people, massage is massage,  no matter the affected place. 

The truth is this; massage differs according to geography and purpose; different countries have the massage methods that work well for them – from the Asian continent to Europeans,  all have this type of massage technique that works for various purposes.

This article lists five different types of massage you need to know for overall performance. Also, note that since anybody can perform these types of massage, it is recommendable to get a professional’s services for a more effective outcome.

The five types of massage include:

1. Swedish Massage

This is the most popular of them all. This is needed when you need to relax and stimulate the body tissues. According to the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy, you need to focus on the soft tissues to increase blood circulation.  The techniques applied here include bending of joints, stretching, vibration, rubbing, and kneading. Again, understand that this massage has no intention of going deeper.

2. Deep tissue Massage

Unlike the Swedish massage, this one goes deeper inside the injury area. It is used in targeting connective tissues that support and inhibit the muscles, nerves, and bones. The deep tissue type of massage is useful when relieving chronic pains; it can also be useful in stiffness cases as a result of arthritis.

3. Trigger point massage

This type of massage targets the tight muscle areas of the body. It is the combination of both deep tissue massage and Swedish massage techniques. A trigger point is defined as that area of the body that needs the most attention. One disadvantage of this is that it may cause a headache afterward. 

4. Prenatal Massage

This is the most recommended for pregnant women. During pregnancy, women often feel pain in their hips, legs (as a result of swelling), and lower back. This type of massage won’t only heal the pains; it also plays a role in building pregnant women’s mental health. 

5. Sports Massage

This is meant mainly for athletes, no matter your niche. In the sports industry, some athletes get these massage as a warm-up procedure. They get this massage before their game proper. This massage helps with the flow of blood and boosts their reviving time. 

There are more types of massage out there that work perfectly well on the human body. Other types of massage include Reflexology massage, Aromatherapy massage, e.t.c. But we must advise that if the pain that made you required any of these massages are applied without result, we advise you go see your doctor for a proper medical check-up.

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